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You can live in a house devoid of mold, germs, pollen, viruses, bacteria and more. Consider that according to John Hopkins' University's Timothy Buckley there is a 75% chance of exposure to carcinogens inside the home. Indoor Air Pollution surpasses that of the outside whether you live in the city, country or suburbs. It is certainly clear that fresh air is critical to the development of young babies and children's lungs. Having clean air may actually help a child or adult not develop asthma or other breathing conditions.

Allergy air purifiers have been around for some tine. Usually folks with asthma, allergies, and other serious breathing problems have them in their bedroom. Yet breathing in clean air in all or your house is important to all of the families' health. Protect the health of all family members by purchasing allergy air purifiers. We all need to kill mold and lessen indoor air pollution. To battle this, run allergy air purifiers throughout the house year round.

Using allergy air purifiers help to prevent colds,viruses, the flu and more. Young, delicate and developing lungs can be greatly impacted by chemicals, mold, viruses and more in the air. Listen to what happened to 4 year old Resse Ballard, his lungs were permanently compromised from toxic mold exposure. This story also illustrates the lack understanding of mold exposure and how water intrusion can lead to a serious case of mold. It took a long time before they realized what the source was causing their health problems.

Instead of waiting to develop asthma or develop allergies kill mold and clean the air of indoor air pollution by using allergy air purifiers. Changing what you are breathing in to fresh vitalizing air will keep you healthy and free from more of the serious health problems that this country faces. Think about the harmful chemicals stored in your house. When you cannot pronounce what is in it, chances are it is not good for you. Multiply this by the many chemicals which leach out into the air when it is humid (chemical off-gassing) then it is no wonder that we develop cancer, serious lung problems and more. It seems like there is always a product on the market that can clean anything but there is no mentions as to what it will do to you if you breath it in. No one would buy it. Yet we are all too busy to look up the ingredients. Keep simple. Baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, Borax and more can be used to clean. Go with what does not overwhelm you when you open the bottle. The point is to clean the air with allergy air purifiers while limiting what chemicals you buy.

Maybe limiting high school girls to 1 shampoo and 1 conditioner might help. Typically teens own over 20 shampoos and hair products each. Make a point of setting limits.

Changing how health is considered includes viewing environmental pollution and how it can destroy your health. Air purifiers should be the most natural thing helping to lead us to better health. Breath clean air. Use allergy air purifiers year round.

Indoor air pollution is more polluted in homes whether you live city, country or suburbs. This impacts health and is possibly linked to asthma and cancer. 75% of carcinogen exposure comes from exposure indoors. At StopMoldCold we look primarily at mold and how it impacts health, home and possessions. Indoor air pollution adds to the matter and usually accompanies mold. Take care of both and live in a healthier home.